Lind Theatre, Mitchell Street, NAMBOUR QLD 4560

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☎️ 0400 570 880
✉️ atgrant@3bcreative.live 
🌏 http://3bcreative.live

3bCREATIVE was formed in 2016 by Anne Grant to provide opportunities for fellow creatives to develop personal small projects collaboratively.

Collectively we bring together expertise and experience in

  • writing
  • education
  • directing
  • design
  • performance
  • music
  • physical theatre
  • editing

By creating a culture in which the vitality and enthusiasm of younger creatives, the talents and experience of elders combine open opportunities for mutual new thinking.

3bCREATIVE provides opportunities for inter- generational contributions united through ideas and love of performance, sharing them freely and critically.
One that embraces exploration, experimentation and collaboration.

3bCREATIVE creates opportunities for creators and makers to continue honing their considerable combined skills, challenging and stimulating them both intellectually and in challenging performance spaces.

These are talented people with expertise and passion – 3bCREATIVE supports their continued involvement with performance, words and audiences.